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8. Amaron & 麦凯体育馆

阿玛隆体育馆于1965年开放. 它有打篮球的设施, volleyball and badminton and includes a viewing gallery, 更衣室和健身房. 它是以Rev. E.C. Amaron, the school’s longest serving headmaster from 1931 to 1954.

最初是作为一个游泳池建造的, the building was converted to a gymnasium in 2012 thanks to the generosity of W. 约翰·麦凯是该校的校友. 除了 to the new gym floor, the building also houses two squash courts and changing rooms.

2021 saw the opening of the Jankowski Hockey Training Centre, 它的特点是人造冰, 规板和有机玻璃, 雷达枪, stick-handling机, 两张射击篷布, resistance machine and a skate-changing area.